School Day


Begins at 8:55 am

(Parents are welcome to bring their children at 8:45 am in Foundation Stage and Key Stage One.)

(8:45 am Nursery age children)


Ends at 11:45 am Nursery

Ends at 12:00 pm Reception

Ends at 12:10 pm Key Stage 1

Ends at 12:20 pm Key Stage 2



Begins at 12:30 pm Nursery age

Begins at 1:15 pm Reception age, KS1 and KS2


Ends at 3:30 pm for everybody



Church – Tuesday at 9.00am

Awards – Thursday at 9.00am


End at 9.25am

Ends at 9.25am


Class assemblies

One assembly per year starting at 9.00am

Ends at 9.30am